A List Of Top Maui Hawaii Outside Concert Venues To Vape At – Combining Music With Mother Nature

Were not certain about you but when we dream about Hawaii we almost always think about enjoying Mother Nature.  From awesome surfing and shorelines, to dynamic volcanoes, to waterfalls, to access to plenty of tropical hot spots when it comes to outside magnificence Hawaii and particularly Maui have been graced by nature.  While the open air way of life is profoundly instilled in Hawaiian culture so to is music.  Most known for their riffs on the ukulele Hawaiians have always taken an approach to music that conveys there  love and passion for the outdoors.  Since Hawaii is such a flourishing spot for music, dancing and outside enjoyment one of our most loved hobbies on the island is going to music shows and festivals set under the sky.  As a home base or career launch platform for such music greats as Don Ho, Lily Meola, Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Anuhea, Eric Gilliom, Tom Conway, Erin Smith and many more talented musicians Maui is the perfect place to take in some awesome tunes and sunshine.  One of the ways we get a kick out of the chance to get ourselves into the melodic state of mind is by using our vape pen or wax pen for a little rest and unwinding before we kick back to some great outside musical vibes.  One of the most ideal approaches to do this is to go to open air shows so we simply needed to take couple of minutes to share some of our most loved Maui Hawaii music settings.  If you have never experienced Maui music and vaping here are a couple of the spots you may want to consider taking your vape pen, dab pen or wax pen to.

Maui Hawaii Outside Concert Venue To Enjoy #1 – Musical Host “Maui Tropical Plantation”

With regards to Maui Hawaii the outside show scenes to break the vaporizer pen out for doesn’t get much better then the musical host the “Maui Tropical Plantation”.  From nourishment and music celebrations, to live shows, to charity shows, to shopping, to guided cable car visits, to zip lines to a to mountainside perspectives, to authentic historical sites this is one place that has a touch of something for the outside that should in one way or another to all of us.  Generally known for putting on incredible musical extravaganza and gatherings this is one place the devoted dab pen or vape pen fan won’t want to miss.

Maui Hawaii Outside Concert Venue To Enjoy #2 – Musical Host “Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)”

One of our most loved outside spots to visit in Maui Hawaii, is the “the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)” which is a stunning destination to enjoy your best best vaporizer pen or the best dab pen you have and appreciate the view and shows.  With numerous outside show stages on the premises and shows happening consistently, MACC is a flawless pick on any given week to really hear some great music while relaxing in the sunshine or under the stars.  They even offer free ukulele lessons on occasion so there are many reasons to partake in the entertainment and offerings with regards to music at this local favorite.

Maui Hawaii Outside Concert Venue To Enjoy #3 – Musical Host “Maui Fridays – Wailuku First Friday”

A free group sidewalk party, Wailuku First Fridays exhibits huge amounts of artisans, carefully assembled creative products, nourishment merchants, drinking festivities and a plethora of outdoor music.  If you have ever been lucky enough to enjoy a farmers market and craft fair type setting where outside music is available then you will be easily able to imagine just how good of a time events like these can be.  If you have never been to a Friday night sidewalk or street celebration in Hawaii we suggest you seriously consider attending this one.  If you could bring your vape pen, dab pen or wax pen with you to anyplace music is played in Maui where might it be?