A Visual Look At The Top 10 Maui Musicians – Maui Hits Live 3 Favorites

When it comes to music in Hawaii traditions run deep and pride for the island is often showcased and highlighted through song.  Known for such famous songs as Don Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles” many do not realize how many talented musicians actually represent Maui.  Going far beyond the ukulele or slack key guitar, Maui’s musical talents spread far and wide over many styles and genres.  We found this great picture from PrideOfMaui that shows there version of the top 10 Maui musicians and we just wanted to share the Maui Hits Live favorite three artists out of the bunch.


Maui Hits Live Favorite Local Music Artists Number 1: Lily Meola

Voted best female musician in Maui we chose Lily of course because of great singing and songwriting talents but also because she a true native to the Island being born and raised in Hawaii.  Here brother is local surfing legend as well so the family has tons of ties and roots in Maui which of course gets us excited as you can really hear the spirit and vibes of Hawaii throughout her music.  Playing with such famous singers as Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson its easy to see why Lily is one of the best music acts to originate from the Island.  She is one to certainly keep an eye out for if you ever are lucky enough to get the chance to see her concert in person.

Maui Hits Live Favorite Local Music Artists Number 2: Lukas Nelson

While its never easy to leave the musical shadows of a dad like Willie Nelson, Lukas has managed to do it and in true Maui style.  Raised on Maui’s North Shore, Nelson started touring with his dad since the early age of 6 and penning his first nationally released song at age 11 “You Were It” it was clear from the start the Lukas was going to be something special to Maui’s musical scene.  After years of honing his craft and tearing up stages in Hawaii and beyond Lukas has finally settled into his own band called “Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real” who now tour all over the world.  Its not often you get to see music that stem from such genius beginnings and this Nelson offspring is one of Maui’s finest that gives you a chance to do just that.

Maui Hits Live Favorite Local Music Artists Number 3: Anuhea

We love Anuhea because how diverse her music talents reach.  Mostly concentrating on Reggae, pop and soul music her unique feels very Island like and that is no surprise from the born and bread Maui native who made her way to popularity in Hawaii by local bars, restaurants and coffee shops.  Now after 3 full album releases and gigs with the likes of music stars such as Bruno Mars, Ziggy Marley, Al Green, FloRida and Hoobastank its clear not only how far her musical ranges can reach but the fact that she is a certified music superstar herself.  If you ever get to check out Maui music legend Anuhea live we highly recommend you do so as you will not be disappointed.

With so many amazing musical venues in Maui to attend concerts like the LuLu’s Lahaina Surf Club & Grill, The Maui Arts and Cultural Center and The Cool Cat Cafe we all should be trying to get out and enjoy more of what local Maui music has to offer.