hawaiiMaui Hits Live Frequently Asked Questions Guide (FAQ) – A Map To Our Musical Minds

Sure when you come to Maui and Hawaii you want a vacation filled with days on the beach and plenty of frolicking in the sun and hey we can not blame you.  You will probably even spend some time soaking in the local food and culture while visiting some of the more famous tourist spots we want to put out a little reminder to not forget about the music.  Maui has some great opportunities to enjoy some music out here so be sure to connected to the local event calendars and music hot spots as well.  Music Maui style is something you do not want to miss.  Here are some of the more common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we get from those interested in the Island music.

Kept Couture Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #1 – What Is Your Favorite Maui Music Venue?

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) has to be our all time favorite place to see a Maui music event or any Island event for that matter really.  Always featuring top notch production and some of the largest acts to visit the Island its one place you always know has something cool related to music going on.  With so many diverse musical venues and locations at the center such as the Castle Theater, the McCoy Studio Theater, the Yokouchi Pavilion and A&B Amphitheater it truly does never gets old with so much going on.  The Maui Ukulele Festival usually in October is another music event put on by the center that you will want to keep on your radar.  From local acts to national artists this music venue has it all and first class music facilities to match the talent.

Kept Couture Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #2 – Who Is Your Favorite Maui Music Artist?

We know we have said it before and we will say it again if we have to pick a favorite which we hate doing here Maui Hits Live because we truly enjoy so many but once again we will go with our long time favorite is Maui born and raised contemporary folk rock singer and songwriter Anuhea.  There is just something about her music that touches us and songs like “Higher Than The Clouds” and “Simple Love Song” are a joy to listen to.  A a multi-award winning music artist with three full length albums under her belt there is a lot to be proud about in this product of Maui’s music scene.

Kept Couture Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #3 – What Is A Fun Music Activity To Try In Maui

Ukulele lessons obviously.  An exciting and not too difficult instrument to play you will certainly want to try and find some ukulele lessons when you visit Maui.  There are lots of FREE options so be sure to check around and hopefully you can find a class and can have some fun without spending any money.  We do know from time to time free classes are offered at the The Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) and the Whalers Village Shopping Mall and Pavilion so check those locations out to see what’s available first.  One of Hawaii’s most popular musical instruments learning the basics of playing the Ukulele can be a great time with the family or even a fun romantic day date.  Regardless of your motive sitting down with a Ukulele is sure to put you in the true spirit of Maui music.

Don’t see a question on here you want an answer to?  Let us know and we add it!  We will certainly do our best to answer it at the very least.