Outdoor Music

Top Maui Hawaii Outdoor Music Venues To Vape At – Expanding The Mind and The Music

dsc02824Were not sure about you but we think of Hawaii we think of the outdoors.  From great surfing and beaches, to active volcanoes to waterfalls to access to a plethora of tropical paradises and oasis’ when it comes to outdoor beauty Hawaii and especially Maui have been graced by Mother Nature.  While the outdoor lifestyle is deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture so to is music.  Most known for their riffs on the ukulele Hawaiians have long embraced song and dance as a way to express themselves.  Since Hawaii is such a thriving place for music, dance and enjoyment of the outdoors one of our favorite pastimes and activities is attending concerts set under only the sky.  As a home base or launching pad for such music greats as  Don Ho, Lily Meola, Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Anuhea, Eric Gilliom, Tom Conway, Erin Smith and so many more Maui is the ideal place to soak up some sun and some great tunes at the same time.  One of the ways we like to get ourselves into the musical mood is turning to our vape pen or wax pen for a little rest and relaxation before we kick back to some good vibes.  One of the best ways to do this is to attend outdoor concerts so we just wanted to take few minutes to share some of our favorite Maui Hawaii music venues.  If you have never experienced Maui music and vaping here are a few of the places you may consider.

Maui Hawaii Outdoor Music Venue To Vape At Number One: Maui Tropical Plantation

When it comes to Maui Hawaii outdoor concert venues to break the vaporizer pen out for it does not get much better then the Maui Tropical Plantation.  From food and music festivals, to live shows to fundraiser and benefit concerts to shopping to guided tram tours to zip lines to a soap factory to mountainside views to historical houses this is one place that has a little something for the outdoor rock star in all of us.  Mostly known for putting on great concerts and parties this is one place the avid dab pen or vape pen enthusiast will not want to miss.

Maui Hawaii Outdoor Music Venue To Vape At Number Two: Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)

One of our absolutely favorite outdoor places to visit in Maui Hawaii, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) is an amazing place to breakout the best vaporizer pen or the best dab pen you have and enjoy the scenery and shows.  With multiple outdoor concert venues on the premises and shows happening regularly MACC is a perfect go to on any given week.  Sometimes they even offer free ukulele lessons so there are even more options for fun when it comes to music at this location.

Maui Hawaii Outdoor Music Venue To Vape At Number Three: Maui Fridays – Wailuku First Friday

A free community street party, Wailuku First Fridays showcases tons of artisans, handmade crafts, food vendors, beer gardens and live music.  If you have noticed we love live music concerts with access to food and other activities and it does not get much better then this.  If you have never been to a Friday street festival event in Hawaii we highly recommend you put one on your calendar.  If you could take your vape pen with you to anywhere in Maui where would it be?